Thursday, January 1, 2009


Okay, so I finally got around to looking at my blog again. How, I wonder, did I manage to not blog for FOUR MONTHS! I can tell you how - we got really busy at work and when the work really pours in, the designers become production workers. I got the sweetest compliment over the holidays when one of our vendors told me I was perfect at producing, proofing, correcting and sending out proofs to the vendors. However, I am only perfect at that job for the short-term. If I had to do it permanently, I would run screaming from the building. But I did enjoy the interaction with our vendors some of whom I looked forward to our frequent emails even if it was no more than "Proof approved. Have a great day." or "Keep Smiling." The holidays are incredibly busy for stationery vendors as well as manufacturers and it was so nice when everyone kept a sane head and we just kept moving forward, even when UPS couldn't deliver the package due to snow or when the customer was upset that their cards didn't arrive in 4 days. So here's a quick shout out to those I can think of . . . Marci at Truly Noteworthy, Sonji at Fine Stationery, L Taylor in South Carolina, and Lisa at Charming Cards. They all kept me busy and were always pleasant to work with.

So now I have to do a major mental shifting of gears. For the past few months, it's been WORK, WORK, WORK. Now I have moved to the CREATE, CREATE, CREATE time of the year. I love design and I feel truly blessed to have the job that I have. Designing stationery is the perfect job for me. But the shift from production to creation takes a few days. I am thankful for a few days off at the holidays and I am looking forward to going back to work in the New Year, primed and ready to start creating new invitations.

So there really isn't anything to show today but as we start getting things on the board, I will start sharing our new stuff with you.

Happy New Year ya'll!


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Jess said...

Thank you for the shout out to sonji! I will let her know you mentioned her :) Glad to see you back in blogging action!